How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why?

Every Tooele carpenter, construction worker, home renovator, and homeowner knows that plumbing is no fun, and draining a water heater is nothing short of drab and dreary. Fortunately, extensive plumbing expertise and a wide array of plumbing tools are not required to drain a water heater.

All able-bodied persons are able to drain a water heater, given they have ample room to drain it. Although the average homeowner shouldn’t attempt to repair or replace any parts of their home’s plumbing system, everyone should know how to drain a water heater.

Preparing for the Drain

Laying a drip pan and a few towels around the base of the water heater is a solid idea.

Make sure to have an area to drain forty to sixty gallons of water well away from your Tooele home, and a hose to transport the water there.

Turn the water valve on the water heater off, then locate the breaker box and flip the power off for the water heater. Most of the time, the water heater will have a breaker switch of its own, but other times multiple circuits must be shut off to properly drain the water heater.

Connecting the Hose and Executing the Drain

Use a wrench to snugly attach one end of the hose to the drain valve. Roll the hose out to the predetermined draining point. Turn on the water heater’s nearest sink, then open the drain valve.

After the tank has been emptied, flush the water heater out with brief bursts of cold water by turning the water valve on and off quickly. This removes sediment and helps the water heater operate more efficiently.

Removing the Hose and Cleaning Up

After the reservoir is fully drained, detach the hose from the drain valve. Be careful not to pour any water from the hose while inside, holding the near end of the hose upwards and coiling it simultaneously.

If the sole purpose was only to flush the water heater, fill it back up with water and flip the breaker back on. Leave the nearest sink’s handles open to allow air pockets to escape.

If one is looking to repair or replace the water heater, clean up any water that might have spilled and leave the rest to the professionals. Contact All Types Plumbing Drain & Rooter Services at (435) 833-9393 for a competitively-priced quote on plumbing services in the Tooele, UT area.