The Top Three Bathroom Trends to Watch for in 2016

You are about to remodel your Tooele bathroom, and you definitely want it to look especially up-to-date and inviting. You find it amazing how bathroom trends have made this room one of the most important and the most unique in a residence. The top three trends in 2016 that assist in making this so include:


No room in the house has welcomed technology within its walls more than the 2016 bathroom. Stereo systems, radiant floor heating, hands-free trash cans and faucets, automatic toilet flushing, and even small, wall-mounted televisions are all on their way to becoming the norm in this often-forgotten-but-frequently-used room of the home. Look at your family dynamics and habits, and determine what will work best for everyone in this area.

Color and Theme

For years, the colors in this room have consisted of pastels or earth tones. Now almost any color or shade is used on the walls, flooring, and fixtures of this area. Stronger colors are seen in 2016. These can include black and white, black and red, teal and brown, stark white or ivory, and an array of colorful shades from nature such as fern green, ocean blue, or lemon yellow. Popular themes can include a beach or spa theme. Kids’ bathrooms can be especially creative with Star Wars motifs, pretty-in-pink fixtures and accessories, and rubber ducky decor for the very young set. Wallpaper is also making a comeback, and the patterns available to match your chosen theme are limitless.


With aging baby boomers, safety is more of an issue. Walk-in tubs, safety bars, built-in shower chairs, and textured flooring provide secure living for the older Tooele home occupant. Even children can bathe and shower more easily with these same features. The days of slippery tiles, slick bathtubs, and difficulty in getting in and out of the bath or shower are over.

As noted above, bathrooms are no longer those small little rooms that no one notices. With these new trends, they will become closer to becoming a major focal point in your home. Guests will marvel at your additions and changes, so be ready for a line at the door!

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