How to Light Your Water Heater

Nothing is worse than turning on the water tap in your Tooele home’s shower or bathtub and discovering that the water is as icy cold as the inhuman wintery temperatures outside. This is usually a good sign that the water heater light has gone out on your home’s heater.

This should not have to be a cause for panic, as this can be easily remedied with a few short and simple steps to light your heater and have hot water warming once more. There is no need to bring in the water heater repair crew just yet.

Which Type of Heater Do You Own?

Water heaters can basically be divided into two generic classes, older style and newer styled water heaters. Newer styled heaters have simplified and automated the process of re-lighting your heater pilot light. These more modern versions of heaters actually possess a sealed burner compartment.

The pilot light there is lit by simply pushing a button which generates an internal spark. It only needs a single touch of this button to crank your newer styled heater back to life and restore the flow of hot water to your pipes.

Older styled heaters are more complicated, but still workable for a novice who has never before attempted to fix a heater. These types possess an access panel near the tank’s bottom. Opening the access panel will reveal a place to access the pilot. It can be re-lit with a match or a lighter.

The Importance of Safety First

It is most important to think of safety when you are doing this procedure. First you need to stand next to your Tooele home heater to check for the smell of leaking gas. If you are sure that there is no gas leak present, then you can start the procedures to re-light your pilot light right away. In the event that you do detect gas, then you should contact your gas supplier immediately, and do not light a match or lighter anywhere in the vicinity of the gas leak.

These gas-based heaters work utilizing a pilot light to ignite their gas burner as the water in the water tank is ready to be heated. Generally, your first warning that the pilot light is out will be that cold water you felt when you turned on the hot water tap.

There are actually several reasons that the pilot light can go dark on you, besides malfunctioning heater components. It only takes a minor unanticipated fluctuation in your gas man line’s pressure for it to falter. This is how sensitive the pilot light is to changes in gas pressure and supply.

Steps to Re-Light the Gas Heater Pilot Light

Step 1: Set the temperature control knob on the minimum setting.

Step 2: Move the control knob over to the off setting.

Step 3: Move the on/off control knob over to the pilot setting.

Step 4: Take off the access panel to the gas heater. You will need to get to both the inner and outer access panels and take them both off at this point.

Step 5: Push the pilot control button and hold it down.

Step 6: If your model does not possess a pilot button, do not panic. Simply press down the on/off control knob instead when it is set to pilot.

Step 7: Light up the pilot while you are pushing the control button. The little silver tube emerging from the bottom of the gas control valve is actually the pilot’s supply tube. You simply follow and move along this to the end using the lit match and light the pilot.

Speaking of matches, in the event that you do choose to utilize matches for this task, then at a minimum be sure to employ safety matches or a long-necked barbecue style of lighter to avoid unintended injury to your fingers and hands.

Step 8: Once the pilot is lit, keep holding down the pilot button for another 20 to 30 seconds. Then slowly let go of the button. The pilot light should remain lit. Should it go out though, simply re-light it as per the instructions above then press down on the pilot button for a bit longer.

In the event that the gas had been shut off, or if your supply had run out of gas, then you will have to continue pressing down on the pilot button until the point where all of the air that accumulated inside has completely evacuated the gas and gas heater supply line.

Should the pilot light continue to go out once you have re-lit your gas powered heater several times, or if it simply will not remain lit, then you should check your gas powered heater’s thermocouple component for malfunction or potential replacement.

A Few Final Precautionary Warnings

You should not fire your gas powered heater burner yet. Many different individuals have actually been seriously burned in their eyes or face as a result of the rollout and blowback from the burner. This is typically created by the rust that falls from the tank’s bottom and then clogs up the burner and its orifice.

Gas first builds up within the burner chamber before it gets down to the pilot. The result of this process is that a flame rolls on out of this access point opening as the burner is fired up.

Some final words of warning to avoid serious injury. You should never fire up your Tooele water heater burner while the access panels are still off. First put back both the outer and inner access panels.

Switch the on/off control knob back to its on position. Then it is actually safe to turn the temperature control knob back to the setting which you desire. Your burner should fire up so that you can hear it start working again.

Should these measures not work, then it is time to call in the professionals to have real gas powered water heater repair work done.

For quality services in your Tooele, UT home, call All Types Plumbing at (435) 241-6715. They will get your gas powered heater warming your house’s water once again.