The Latest Toilet Technologies

Remote Control

A remote control used to be known as something that’s used with a television set, but now, almost everything has a remote control, even a toilet. A toilet with certain technologies can have a remote control that can do incredible things.

The remote control can higher the temperature of the heated seat, and it can turn the heated seat on, it can control the water temperature, it can control the water pressure, and it’s even possible to control lights and more on the toilet. The remote control is typically put close to the toilet on the wall, but every toilet with a remote control will vary on where the remote control can be held.

It’s even possible to have the control gauges on the wall, similar to having a thermostat for an HVAC unit. The controls on the wall will work without the use of a remote control but can possibly be integrated with the remote control. Those that have controls on the wall can adjust any and everything on the toilet, except for features that may only be available on the remote control itself.

Rear Washing

Everyone likes to have a clean backside when they get up from the toilet, but the fact is, toilet paper doesn’t clean the behind. The only thing toilet paper does is to ensure that the waste is wiped away from the behind, but there will always be residue, which can be very smelly.

It’s possible to get a toilet that has washing capabilities, and the toilet will use a nozzle that sprays water onto the behind to clean it. Some toilets may even mix soap with the water to thoroughly clean the behind, and this makes it unnecessary to use wet wipes or a wet towel to clean the behind after toilet paper has been used.

Some may have even thought to take a quick shower or a spit bath to completely clean themselves after using the toilet, but with a toilet that has rear washing capabilities, it’s no longer necessary.

A Dryer

Although not every toilet has this feature, many toilets that have rear washing feature will also have a dryer that can dry the behind as well as the front of the person sitting down. This is a great feature, but it’s best to lightly dry off the bottom with toilet paper after being washed, and then let the dryer do its job.

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