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Getting hot water whenever you use a faucet is something that is taken for granted — until your water heater starts acting up. Your water heater plays an important role in providing everyday comfort and convenience. For over 22 years, All Types Plumbing, Drain & Rooter Service has been providing water heater installation and repair services to customers in Magna, UT and surrounding areas. Click here to find out what customers have to say about us.

We’ve built a solid reputation by providing professional plumbing services for residential and commercial purposes at reasonable prices. Here are a few reasons to call us:

  • All plumbers are fully licensed and insured
  • We stand by our work: 30 day guarantee on repairs and drains and 2 year warranty on replacement work
  • 24/7 emergency plumbing services available
  • A+ chamber member of the BBB

Tips on Maintaining Your Water Heater

As with any major appliance, you’ll want to take good care of it to prolong its usefulness. Here are a few tips on maintaining your water heater and tank:

  • Drain the water tank once a year. This helps to remove any sediment that has built up. Once sediment hardens, it forms a layer at the bottom of the water tank and acts as a buffer between the water and the heat source.
  • Check the metal anode rod annually. Inside of every tank is a metal rod, typically made of magnesium or zinc. This rod is intended to indicate the level of rust inside your tank. If your anode rod is corroded, chances are, your water tank is too.
  • Insulate your pipes to improve heat-loss and increase efficiency.
  • Turn down the preset temperature of your water heater if you’ll be away from home for more than a few days. This helps cuts down on your energy bill.

When it’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

You’ve seen the signs all along and have been hoping your water heater was just temporarily acting up. Before you ignore the signs any longer, think of the possible damage and inconvenience that a broken and leaking water heater would cause to your home.

  • Leaking: Older tanks can develop a small leak along the seam, or a rupture. This is a sign that your tank needs to be replaced. If you’re lucky, the leak may be coming from a connecting pipe, something that can often be fixed.
  • Rust: Perhaps you’ve noticed a slightly metallic taste or smell from your water. You go to your tank and notice signs of corrosion around the valves and the metal anode inside.
  • Lack of hot water: Your showers run cold too quickly. Hot water comes too slowly. This could mean a worn-out gas valve or corrosion inside your tank.

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