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Tooele Septic Plumbing & Repair

When was the last time you had your septic system cleaned? You must maintain this system. Call (435) 833-9393 for expert Tooele septic repair.

Your septic system works hard 24/7, 365 days a year to help you safely dispose of household water and sewage waste. Like any system, it needs maintenance and occasional repair to keep it running smoothly. It’s a messy job, but we’ve been helping customers in Tooele, UT clean and repair their septic systems for over 22 years.

We have all the equipment needed to do the job including septic tank locating tools, pressure washers, video camera equipment, hydro scrub jetting machines, and if needed, excavation tools.

How a Septic System Works

A septic tank is a large waterproof container buried underground near your house. Anything that goes down a drain or toilet eventually makes its way to the septic tank. With the help of natural microscopic organisms, the waste matter in the tank decomposes into liquid and inorganic sludge. This wastewater then flows from the septic tank to a drain field where it is harmlessly dispersed into soil.

What Harms a Septic System

The natural microscopic organisms essentially have their own ecosystem in place. If everything that flowed from your house was just wastewater and sewage, the ecosystem would remain healthy. However, in reality, there are many manmade items that are flushed or dumped down the drain that can disrupt the functioning of your septic tank. These include:

  • Household chemical cleaners. Speak to one of our plumbers to see what types of chemicals are most harmful.
  • Paint thinners
  • Bleach
  • Anti-bacterial products including soap
  • Plastic wrappers
  • Cigarette butts
  • Feminine sanitary napkins

Common Septic Tank Problems

Clogged sewer line from house to tank: There are many factors that cause blocked pipes such as overgrown tree roots, built-up household debris, or perhaps a problem with the structural integrity of the pipe.
Built-up sludge and scum inside septic tank: This prevents the septic tank from properly draining. Occasionally, the scum and sludge formed on the bottom of the tank must be chemically treated and pumped out.
Clogged soil pores in the drain field: Excess sludge and scum can also clog the soil pores preventing the drain field from dispersing the wastewater into the soil. A special chemical treatment may be applied to restore the soil’s natural state. Or with more serious cases, the drain field may need to be pumped out, or replaced.

How We Can Help

Our knowledgeable septic specialists are here to educate you about how to best maintain your septic system. This involves detailing the household items and specific chemicals that harm your system. All Types Plumbing, Drain & Rooter Service carries a full line of professional, safe chemical products that improve the efficiency and health of your septic system.

We carry all the tools and equipment to pump, drain and repair your septic tank. Call (435) 833-9393 today to get started.