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Tooele Gas Line Repair & Installation

A gas line leak is dangerous if left unrepaired for too long. For emergency plumbing services, call (435) 833-9393 to reach our Tooele gas line repair experts.

A gas line repair is definitely something that needs to be left to a professional plumber with a plumbing permit. For over 22 years, we’ve been helping customers in Tooele, UT and surrounding areas with all their emergency and everyday plumbing needs.

All Types Plumbing, Drain & Rooter Service is an A+ chamber member of the BBB. We have built our business by providing reliable 24/7 emergency services at reasonable prices. Here’s why you should call us:

  • Same-day service
  • 30 day guarantee on repairs and drains
  • 2 year guarantee on replacement work
  • Fully licensed and insured plumbers

Signs You May Have a Gas Leak

Natural gas is an odorless, colorless substance that may be difficult to detect. Sometimes energy companies add a strong scent to the natural gas so that it can be more easily identified in case of a leak. Besides using your nose, there are other tell-tale signs of a gas leak such as:

  • Dying or withering plants and vegetation near a gas line.
  • Hissing sound from gas line.
  • Sharp increase in utility bill.
  • Unusually low pressure from gas-burning appliances such as gas stoves.

If there has been major construction close to your home that has caused shifting of the ground, check your gas lines as a precaution. Shifting earth can crush pipes causing a gas leak.

Dangers of Gas

As you know, leaking gas is a hazard to both your health and the safety of your home. Gas can cause explosions and if left exposed for too long, causes respiratory problems, and sometimes death. Young children and the elderly are most susceptible to gas inhalation problems.

If you notice an unusual gas odor around your home and suspect a gas leak, leave the premises immediately. Call All Types Plumbing around-the-clock for emergency plumbing help. Never attempt to repair the gas line yourself. A knowledgeable plumber will assess the pipe to see if it can be repaired, or if a new pipe is required.

Gas Line Installation

Should a new gas line be required, our team of skilled plumbers are able to provide both residential and commercial installation for the following gas appliances:

  • Gas stoves
  • Range top
  • Barbecues
  • Hot tub and pool heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Fireplaces
  • Console heaters
  • Clothes dryers
  • Boilers
  • Furnaces

We also provide gas appliance inspections. In Utah, homeowners are required to be able to turn off all gas appliances in case of an emergency. Our technicians show you how to quickly work your appliance shutoff valves to turn off your gas supply.

For emergency gas line repair, or to install a new gas line, call All Types Plumbing, Drain & Rooter Service at (435) 833-9393.