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Tooele Burst Pipe Repair Services

Do you have a burst pipe that needs repair? Trust your Tooele burst pipe repair plumbers for quick, reliable emergency service. Call us at (435) 833-9393.

At All Types Plumbing, Drain & Rooter Service, we are available 24/7 for your urgent plumbing repair jobs. For over 22 years we’ve been serving Tooele, UT and surrounding areas with a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing services. There are so many reasons to call us:

  • Same day service
  • Licensed and insured plumbers
  • 30 day guarantee on repairs and drains
  • 2 year guarantee on replacement work

Common Causes of Burst Pipes

There are many factors that may lead to a burst pipe. A burst water or sewer line can cause significant damage to your home and yard if not repaired immediately. Here are a few of the most common causes of burst pipes:

Tree roots: Above ground, trees enhance our yard and provide shade and beauty. Below ground however, tree roots can be a nightmare as they are the most common culprit behind damaged pipes. Over time an older pipe may develop a small leak or fracture. As tree roots are naturally drawn to water, they grow towards the pipe. Eventually the tree root may wrap around the pipe or puncture it causing a burst pipe.

Freezing water: Freeze and thaw cycles cause water to expand and contract. Over time this expansion can weaken the overall structure of the pipe leading it to burst. Sometimes the combination of a clogged pipe plus an already weakened pipe is a recipe for disaster.

Shifting or settling of earth: The ground below a house naturally settles and can shift over the years. This settling of the earth can crush pipes. Sometimes a collapsed pipe is caused by nearby construction work.

Corrosion: Older pipes made of galvanized steel or lead, particularly those from homes built prior to 1970, are prone to corrosion. If you have an older home, ask a plumber to check the structural integrity of your pipes.

Burst Pipe Safety and Prevention

  • Insulate your pipes and cold water tank to protect from freezing.
  • Familiarize yourself with where your main stopcock is and how to operate it.
  • Ask a friend to regularly check your home for signs of leaking if you’re away. We get many calls from customers who find their pipes have burst after they have returned home after a vacation, especially during the winter time.

All Types Plumbing, Drain & Rooter Service have a team of skilled plumbers ready to help with burst pipes and other emergency situations around-the-clock. Call us at (435) 833-9393 for same day service.