Jack Frost is right around the corner! Call All Types Plumbing and Drain to winterize your home! Calling us now will likely save you a lot of time and money this winter season. You could save thousands of dollars on repair costs if your pipes are ready for the brutal cold of the winter.
Here are a few things we will do to keep your home safe during the winter months, and prevent these damaging situations from happening:
Freezing Pipes – It’s not uncommon to experience low temperatures that are below freezing in Utah. These cold winters mean a higher chance of your pipes freezing. Frozen pipes tend to burst, which could result in flooding and costly repairs.
Flooding – Those frozen pipes from not winterizing your home can result in bursting, leading to flooding inside your home. Floods can destroy flooring and property, and they cost a lot of money to clean up. Mold can also become an issue when flooding occurs.
Install Hose Bib Covers – Don’t forget about hose bib covers when you upgrade to a frost-free hose bib. This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to protect your faucets and hose bibs.
Winterize swamp coolers – Shut down and drain the water from irrigation systems and evaporative coolers.
Call us today! 435-833-9393 for Tooele and surrounding areas and 801-256-0914 for Salt Lake City and surrounding areas.   (Sprinkler Blow-outs not applicable)