Five Simple Ways To Cut Down Your Water Usage

Water Tips For Outdoors

Sweep Instead Of Using A Hose- Yes, it’s easier to spray off the deck, patio, sidewalk, or driveways with water, but it also wastes many gallons of water that can be used for something else. If you have an area outside your Tooele home that needs to be clean, try using a push broom instead, especially if you want to save water. It may take more effort to sweep the area that needs to be cleaned, but your water bill will thank you.

Use A Sprayer On The Hose- Whenever you have to use your hose, it’s best to have a sprayer on it, especially since the sprayer can be controlled by you and will turn off as soon as you stop pressing it. A sprayer can save you a lot of money on water usage, especially if you’re washing your car or watering plants outdoors.

Water Tips For Cleaning

The Car- Many choose to wash their own car because they don’t want to pay the money it costs to take it to a car wash. Many car washes are low enough in price to where it may be worth it, compared to what it may cost to wash the car at home all the time.

You can end up using many gallons of water when washing the car a single time, and this adds up if you wash your car several times a month. Consider taking the car to a car wash because most of them choose to use recycled water, and it’s water that won’t rack up your water bill at your Tooele home.

The Dishes- When washing the dishes, you can do one of two things. One, you can wash the dishes in the dishwasher, which may save you more water if you have a good dishwasher that uses very little water. Two, you can wash the dishes in the sink, but it’s best to run water in the sink for rinsing and washing, especially since it can be very wasteful if you allow the water to run while the dishes are being cleaned.

Water Tips For Bathing

Take A Shower- It’s always a wise idea to take a shower when you need to get clean, especially since baths can take up too much water. Not only are you saving water when you take a shower but if you limit your showers to only a few minutes, then you’re saving more water.

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