3 Main Water Heater Regulations

Are You Installing A New Water Heater?

If you considered installing a new water heater or are going to have one installed, then most likely you’ve done the research necessary to determine what kind of water heater can go into your Tooele home.

Regulations have changed recently, and a water heater that you may have previously selected for your home may no longer be available to put in your home.

You have to check the regulations of water heaters before can make a decision to install one in your home. Checking water heater regulations is as easy as calling the plumber who will install the water heater, and ask them what type of water heater can go into your home.

Need To Know Regulations For Water Heaters

Must Be Energy Efficient- Energy efficient water heaters have been built for years, and the regulations are updated ever so often, and in 2015, there was another update.

You have to make sure that the new standards for 2015 match the water heater that you’ve chosen. Your plumber will know if the water heater that you want is one that can be installed in your home and if it meets the new federal regulations of energy efficiency.

Location Space- Maybe you’ve had one particular place in mind to put the water heater, but it turns out that the water heater you’re installing won’t fit in that space.

You can’t just pick any space to fit a water heater; it must be a space that not only fits but is safe for the water heater. Regulations state that a specified location must be approved inside the home for any water heater, and this regulation is just for safety concerns.

Venting- Having the proper vents in certain water heaters is absolutely necessary, especially for water heaters that emit CO or carbon monoxide. The vents must be created out of the proper material, and it’s also necessary to keep anything combustible away from the water heater. Venting a water heater is great for keeping CO out of the home.

Make Sure Your Plumber Is Legit

A good plumber will not only know what water heater can be installed in your home but the size that can fit, the cost, the maintenance needs, and more. Make sure you choose a plumber that is licensed and permitted to install a water heater into your Tooele home as well as maintaining the water heater.

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