General Plumbing Myths to Discover

How much do you know about your plumbing system? And what if what you may believe to be true could, in fact, be false? There are lots of popularly held myths and beliefs that people have that just aren’t so.

Try answering these true or false questions to see just how much you know about potential plumbing problems.

Q. If Water Is Going Down The Pipe, It Isn’t Clogged

False. There’s a difference between a pipe that is clogged and one that’s completely blocked. Maybe you’ve noticed that it takes a longer for your sinks or bathtub drain. That usually happens when your pipes have been constricted by the accumulation of grease, grime, and dirt along their walls.

The congestion in your drainpipes can eventually lead to a complete blockage that could result in a back flow of water into your house.

It’s best to address the problem before it gets worse. In many cases, the use of plungers for chemical drain cleaning products yield limited success and sometimes can make matters worse.

A qualified and experienced plumbing professional will have the necessary tools and know-how to clean out the drainpipes and restore the regular flow of waste from your home.

Q. Snakes Can Slither Through Your Plumbing and End Up In Your Toilet Bowl

True. Although this myth sounds like fiction, it is quite possible and it has happened. The appearance of a snake in your toilet is less likely, particularly if they’re not indigenous to your area.

More possible, however, is lifting the lid to find a rat, a frog or even a squirrel. It’s well known that rats and frogs frequently make their home in municipal sewage systems. Snakes occasionally follow them in there searching for food.

These animals are capable of crawling and swimming through the pipes to make their way into your toilet. Instances where squirrels have been found in the toilet are usually the result of them entering through the vent stack on the roof.

If the prospect of finding a critter in your toilet is too much for you to bear, there are special valves that can be installed making it impossible for them to reach the bowl.

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