Expert Advice for Preventing the Most Common Summer Plumbing Troubles

While it may dishearten you to know that there’s such a thing as common summer plumbing problems, you can at least rest easy knowing that the experts are here to help you prevent them, and deal with any that you encounter in your home. Nobody wants to spend the warm sunny days of summer inside worrying about indoor plumbing, but these tips won’t take long, and they’ll save you plenty of time and money in the long run.

1. Get Your Sprinklers and Hoses off the Lawn When They’re Not in Use

This will keep them safe from damaging UV rays, and from the blades of your lawn mower, which can shred hoses and sprinklers to pieces.

Whenever these lawn maintenance items aren’t in use, store them in a shed or garage. Remove kinks from the hose and store the hose either flat on the ground or from a wide mount on the wall.

2. Don’t Overload Your Washer

Washing machines aren’t designed to hold an infinite amount of clothes, and each machine has its own maximum capacity. Find out what this is for your machine and don’t exceed it.

3. Keep Your Washer Clean

Your washing machine needs a little help to keep itself clean, and it’s a good idea to wipe down the drum and the detergent compartment once a month. Otherwise, your clothes might come out of the wash covered in detergent residue that you can’t see.

4.Put in a Sump Pump

This will prevent excess rainwater from seeping into your foundation. Water coming into your basement can cause damage, mold, and flooding, but a sump pump will catch all this water, keeping your basement dry and safe.

5. Don’t Put the Wrong Foods in Your Garbage Disposal

Foods that are fibrous, big bones, foods that expand, coffee grounds, and other unacceptable food items can damage and clog your garbage disposal and the pipes attached to it.

Only put in acceptable items, biodegradable foods, and small quantities at a time.

6. Install a Back-flow Device

The sewer lines that keep your house on city water have been known to experience plumbing problems of their own, but a professionally installed back-flow device will prevent this water from entering your home.

7. Install Drain Strainers

To keep your sewer lines free from clogs and blockages, put mesh drain strainers in every drain in the kitchen and bathrooms. These strainers will catch food, debris, hair, and other things that might accidentally end up in your pipes, keeping your lines flowing smoothly.

These expert tips will help keep your appliances running properly, your drains running freely, and prevent floods and water damage in your home. And they won’t actually add much extra time onto your daily routine, leaving you free to enjoy the heat, the sun, and your well-deserved holidays.

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