The Top Plumbing Myths

Kitchen Drains

To the average Tooele homeowner, plumbing is a mysterious thing. As long as water keeps coming out of the faucet and the drains keep clearing, you’d rather not think about what’s going on in those mysterious pipes.

But over the years, some conventional wisdom and old wives’ tales have led some Tooele homeowners astray regarding their plumbing. Here’s the most common ones about kitchen drains:

Using Hot Water to Flush Grease Down

No, this does not work! Long story short, for any amount of grease more than a tablespoon, you should pour it into a disposable container and toss it in the garbage.

No amount of water, cold, hot, or boiling, will flush grease – it will simply harden into a coating on the inside of your pipes, making them more likely to clog later.

Grinding Up Lemons to Clean your Garbage Disposal

Feeding your garbage disposal lemons makes your garbage disposal smell like lemons, but doesn’t do anything to clean it. This goes for any other citrus fruit.

To clean your garbage disposal, you need to have it turned off and drained, disconnect it from the power source, spray any common countertop cleaner in there, wait a few minutes, then scrub around in there with a long-handled brush. Then plug it back in and rinse it. But if you toss in a lemon peel for the nice smell, that’s fine too.

Thinking that Garbage Disposals Can Handle Anything, Just Add Water

One of the most common mistakes people make is overestimating the power of their garbage disposal. It is not designed to pulverize anything you can stuff in there.

The blades are only an inch or so long, and not designed to chop up anything with more resistance than a boiled carrot. The rule should be, if you can throw it away in the trash, do so. The garbage disposal is only there to handle small particles when you’re rinsing out dishes.

Thinking Plumbing is Self-Maintaining

Pipes over time have a build-up problem. It doesn’t matter how kindly you treat your drain, eventually something in there will break down. For some reason, people think nothing of taking their car in for service and maintenance, but are shocked when they have to call a plumber.

Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, plumbing succumbs to the elements and plain wear and tear eventually.

Thinking if it Went Down, it’s Fine

As any parent with small children can tell you, there’s all kinds of things that fit into a drain and yet shouldn’t go down there. Blocks, socks, feminine napkins, balls, Marvel comics action figures, the list goes on.

Just because something can make it past the neck of the drain doesn’t mean it can make it through the U-joint under your sink, or the connector point between your sink’s drain pipe and your sewer main.

Don’t make uneducated assumptions about your Tooele, UT home plumbing system. Call All Types Drain & Rooter Services at (435) 833-9393 for the quality you deserve.