Crucial Information About Drain Cleaning Season You Shouldn’t Ignore

As you prepare your home for the fall and winter season, don’t forget to pay specific attention to your drains. Drain cleaning is a vital part of your fall home preparation.

The reason we say that fall is drain cleaning season is because it’s a convenient time to get the job done and it ensures that your drains are sparkly clean just in time for the holidays. Imagine, entertaining your friends and family only to discover a clogged drain. Embarrassing!

Here is some crucial information about drain cleaning season:

How Clogs Form

To prevent clogs, we must first understand how they occur in the first place. Clogs are a collection of debris and materials that build up in the drains and harden with time.

The most common materials that make up a clog include hair, food, grease, oil, skin flakes and minerals such as magnesium and calcium. When these materials collect in the drain and stick to the side of the pipe, they harden and become difficult to remove.

Is there a DIY Solution?

Before calling a plumber, we recommend that homeowners try to remove the clog on their own. This will save time and money and help for future clogs to solve them quickly.

Some homeowners use chemical drain cleaners to eat away at clogs and clean the drains, but these chemicals are harsh and contain ingredients that will corrode your pipes and cause burst pipes with repeated use.

The best way to solve a clogged drain is by plunging the drain with your plunger. The suction will loosen the clog and remove it. If that doesn’t work, we recommend calling a professional. If you experience frequent clogs, you may also need to invest in more frequent professional drain cleanings.

How Do Professionals Do It?

The most effective way to clean the drains is with high-pressure water jets. This is a safe method that removes clogs and also provides a smoothing effect on the inner pipe wall, which helps prevent future clogs.

We recommend investing in a professional to complete this service because controlling the intensity of the pressure is very important. If the pressure is too high, the drain could shift out of place or get damaged.

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