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Our Guarantee To You, Our Customer

Happy Friday! Just a quick reminder of our work ethic and guarantees on work we do for our customers, to keep you happy when you use All Types Plumbing and Drain:   What Can You Expect When You Work With Us? There is nothing more inconvenient than coming home to a plumbing emergency. That is [...]

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Tips On Tuesday! Why Chemical Drain Cleaners Are Dangerous for Your Drains Chemical drain cleaners are really popular products for clogged pipes and drains. They have been marketed as convenient and inexpensive options to treat your plumbing system. They may be very easy to find in the hardware store, but the main issue that all [...]

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About Us

Meet our plumbing team!  Alan (center) is not only a technician but also co-owner of All Types Plumbing.  He is always hard at work and makes sure all our customers are well taken care of.  Jaden (left) has been with the company for 6 years.  He is skilled at everything he does and receives stellar [...]

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Happy Throwback Thursday! Here is a fun fact about one of the first pressurized water systems:   Mayan Civilization Early Pressurized Water System   In 2006, scientists discovered something surprising in the remains of a palace in the Mayan city of Palenque, a water fountain. The underground aqueduct redirects water from a stream and drops [...]

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Covid Update

We would like to let all our customers know we are open for business to help with all your plumbing and drain needs. During this trying time with Covid-19, we recognize there may be concerns regarding safety measures and procedures. We are taking precautions to keep you and your family safe while in your home. [...]

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General Plumbing Myths to Discover

General Plumbing Myths to Discover How much do you know about your plumbing system? And what if what you may believe to be true could, in fact, be false? There are lots of popularly held myths and beliefs that people have that just aren't so. Try answering these true or false questions to see just [...]

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DEFENSE: Protecting Your Pipes During Super Bowl LI

DEFENSE: Protecting Your Pipes During Super Bowl LI Halftime Flush, Fact or Fiction? If you are a Super Bowl fan, then you have probably heard that thousands of spectators who are watching the game at home will flush their toilets at the same time during Half Time. Some of these stories are true because several [...]

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Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes in Your House

Preventing and Thawing Frozen Pipes in Your House You do everything that you can to protect your home, but when the temperatures drop in the winter, new risks present themselves. It doesn’t have to be that cold outside for your pipes to freeze, which could cause serious damage to your home and your belongings if [...]

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