Meet our Team

Alan Smith (right center) – Owner/General Manager – U.S.M.C. Veteran

Alan started his plumbing career in 1989 as part of a high school trade class and when he was in the service he started doing plumbing at nights and on the weekend (to stay out of trouble). When he had gotten out of the service he started working at a large plumbing service company in southern California. After going to school in California he was offered a job back home in utah. He has been plumbing and excavating in utah since 1999, he has held many different positions in the plumbing fields from service repair to new construction in residential and commercial buildings. He has been in charge of some of the big plumbing companies in the salt lake valley which is why he loves doing what he is doing now. He can provide the same type of service they can in salt lake without having to leave the tooele valley we can service the salt lake valley but prefer to stay in the tooele valley. He took over running the company from Dave Zuckerman in 2015, and has since been able to lower pricing while hiring more service tech’s. He looks forward to growing with the Tooele Valley as we grow together.

Chris Nichols (far right) – Office Manager

Chris joined our team in Aug 2015 She is from Maryland (when you call you can see what i mean). She moved here to the Tooele valley about 10 years ago and ever since has enjoyed living the slower pace and country living. We can’t thank Chris enough because she answer’s the phone 24 hours a day monday thru friday we let her take the weekends off from time too time. She has became a very important member of our team.

Brett Curry (Not Pictured) – Master Plumber

What can we say we love having Brett we are coming together with Curry Plumbing and Radiant heating to provide our customers with more options when it comes to service and repair and we are starting a new construction division. Everyone in the Tooele Valley and surrounding area’s knows of Brett and There quality of work. He brings a new spirit into our family and look forward to many years of plumbing and taking care of the valley we live, work and play in.

Brian Outzen (far left) – Lead Plumber

Brian was born here in Tooele and raised here and has been doing Plumbing his whole life either doing new construction or service work out in dugway. Brian is as well know as Brett here in town for the great quality of work for his customers. He has been with us for over a year now we don’t know what we have done without him he is such a great mentor for the young plumbers we have coming thru the ranks and has so much to teach them. We look forward to what the future with Brian will turn into.

Jaden Munoz (left center) – Apprentice Plumber

Mr. Jaden what can we say he looks very young but he is 24 and he has been with All Types Plumbing for 4 years now. He started out just as a helping hand but now we are proud to say that he is running his own truck. He is learning as we all are still but he is becoming a well versatile plumber from drain cleaning, Plumbing and now even in sewer and water main services. We can not wait to see him grow into a lead plumber and see where he can take All Types in the future.

Westley Muir (not pictured) – Drain Cleaner/Apprentice Plumber

Westley is our newest of all the plumbers he has been with us for a year and a half already. He is running minor Plumbing call’s and is our drain cleaning tech out in the field. He is 22 years old but is learning the trade quickly. Again it is our pleasure to teach our young plumbers the trade and see where they can take the plumbing industry in the future.

On behalf of all of us here at All Types Plumbing we would like to thank all of our current customers and future customers for letting us serve you it has been our pleasure. And we would like to thank all of our service members and veterans and their family for all they do for us. We look forward to growing with tooele and providing a great service 24/7 for all of your Plumbing, Heating and Air needs. If there is ever a problem or need to get ahold of us please do at 435-833-9393 or 801-256-0914 and ask to speak to Alan or Chris.

Area’s We Service,

Tooele,Grantsville,Stansbury Park,Erda,Stockton,Russ Valley,Dugway,Wendover,Salt Lake Valley, and southern Davis County

Any Questions Please Call Us Anytime