Plumber Recommended Methods for Fixing a Leaky Faucet

One of the most common reasons why individuals contact a Tooele plumber for assistance is a leaky faucet. A faucet may have a slow drip, a steady stream or a gushing flow of water, and each situation may require you to take different actions to remedy the situation. A leak can result in the expense of wasted water, and most issues will worsen over time.

Because of this, it is best to seek a solution to a leaking faucet sooner rather than later. Some homeowners may attempt to correct the problem on their own before contacting a plumber for assistance, and these are solutions that are available to help you out. However, if you cannot complete the work on your own or if you are not comfortable working on the faucet on your own, professional plumbing services are a great idea.

Use a Screwdriver

One reason why the faucet may be leaking may be related to loose screws on the faucet handles. You can remove the face plates on the handles by simply popping them off with a flat object. Then, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws under the face plates. This will resolve many issues related to a slow or steady drip, but it may not resolve all of them.

Replace the Faucet

Another solution that can be used to help you fix a leaking faucet is to replace the faucet entirely. This can be a much more complicated task to complete, and it will require you to initially turn off the main water supply to the faucet that is located under the sink.

Then, you remove the existing faucet and replace it with your choice of styles. You will need to ensure that all screws are tightly fastened, and you will need to caulk the fixture after it is secured. Then, turn the water back on, and the problem with a leaking faucet should be fixed.

Seek Assistance

If these solutions do not resolve the issue or if you are not comfortable completing this work on your own, another possible solution is to hire a skilled plumber in Tooele to assist you with the work. A plumber can complete quality work for you without delay, including diagnosing the reason for the leak and repairing it. The right plumber will provide you with a quote up-front for the cost of the services that you need and will work efficiently to repair the leak.

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