5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Garbage Disposal Smelling Fresh!

There is no refuting the convenience of a garbage disposal, it does simplify many of the activities that take place in your kitchen. But truth be told a garbage disposal smell is the most noisome smell in your kitchen.

This comes as a result of frequent use, that leads to a sludge building up on the side of the disposal and the food particles that adhere to the grinders. Using dishwashing soap and water to fluff out stuck foods might just do the trick, but won’t keep away the smelly odor, at least not for long. Here are a few approaches of deodorizing your garbage disposal.

Use Natural Remedies

Taking a natural approach to de-clogging and freshening up your sink can prove quite helpful. Here are a few natural remedies for deodorizing a stinky garbage disposal.

Ice and Salt

Ice and salt are the next best thing after water and dishwashing soap. Using ice helps sharpen the blades in the disposal and at the same time knocking food off the grinder while salt acts as a disinfectant. You can use sea salt, rock salt or even regular, table salt. A combination of ice and salt can help get rid of the foul smell by removing foods that are stuck in between the blades and the disposal walls by acting like a scrub agent.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is good at deodorizing your garbage disposal. The baking soda acts both as an acid and a base. Odor causing food particles are either base or acids, and once you pour baking soda down your garbage disposal, it reacts with the food particles to form a less volatile salt that reduces the foul smell. After pouring baking soda in your disposal flush with warm water to wash all the particles away.


Vinegar is excellent in removing putrid stenches. Just like in baking soda, the acid in vinegar is strong enough to alter and affect the molecules that make your garbage disposal stink. Pour a little vinegar inside your disposal and leave it to sit for a 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly with hot water.

Use Citrus

Any type of citrus fruit including lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, and lime is great for deodorizing your garbage disposal; you can use the whole fruit, the juice or the peels. Citrus is a one of the best cleaning and refreshing agents for your waste disposal.

The juice from citrus fruits contains antioxidant agents which are essential for cleaning your garbage disposal. It also contains antibacterial properties that act as a disinfectant which helps in removing the funky smell inside your disposal.

Citrus peels contain an impressive ability to remove food particles stuck in the walls of your garbage disposal. They also contain a strong deodorant agent which gets rid of any odor trapped in the disposal. The scent produced by peels from citrus fruits will leave your garbage disposal smelling fresh and clean.

Use Mouthwash

Just like mouthwash gets rid of the odor in your mouth, it works all the same for a garbage disposal. Pouring half a cup of mouthwash will not only disinfect your disposal pipes but will also get rid of that horrid smell.

Use Store bought Products

You can also use specific products that are made to get rid of the stinky smell inside garbage disposals. You can purchase the products at a home improvement store near you. These products come in different fragrances, and you can use one of your choosing.

Preventing Bad Smell

The nasty smell that comes out of your garbage disposal can be prevented. Although it’s easy to deodorize your stinky garbage disposal, prevention is perhaps the best cure. There are things that you should avoid throwing down the disposal to prevent the foul odor in the first place. Some of this avoidable objects include:

• Grease or anything with excess fat
• Onion skins
• Pasta or rice
• Starchy vegetables
• Coffee grounds

Fibrous and Stringy Vegetables

Use your disposal for the organic materials that it can handle. Most people don’t remember to run your disposal long enough. If you cut it off as soon as soon as the food is done grinding, sludge and food particles can be left behind. Once you hear the food is done grinding use a strong flow of water and let it run for about 5- 10 seconds to be sure everything has flushed through.

If you have tried these methods and your garbage disposal still has a strong odor, our team of highly qualified professional plumbers will accurately diagnose and fix any and all plumbing issues you might be experiencing with your garbage disposal.

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